AIPath overshooting and running in circles with 2-3x timescale

Current version: 4.2.4 with Unity 2019.2.6f1
Using a grid graph.

In the past I have had issues with AIPath and high timescale. It was suggested that I use AILerp instead. That worked and was fine up until we also needed avoidance. AILerp does not support avoidance and thus we went back to AIPath. However our game supports up to a 3x timescale. at 2-3x timescale it is possible for the units to zigzag from overshooting a turn on their path as well as to end up running in a circle trying to get to the destination point in the middle.

There have been some other threads running into a similar road block of velocity based movement not being accurate enough, but needing avoidance and thus can’t use AILerp. RichAI, RVO Local Avoidance and TimeScale

Any advice on solving this? I was considering following a pseudo-fixed delta time where AIBase::Update would call to update multiple times at a fixed delta time to avoid overshooting. This hits performance hard and needs optimized to work around this idea. It did however fix the issue though. Any other ideas?