AIPath not fining path

Hello, can you please tell me why my agent cannot build a simple path? It stops near the point and does not reach the point, stopping distance does not help.
Also, aiPath gets stuck on corners and sometimes cannot exit.
How to increase the accuracy of path? So that he doesn’t build a path through an empty node?


Anyone here? bump? :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:


I can’t see anything obviously wrong in your setup, I’m afraid.

I tried replicating it, but for me things work fine.

However, if you are starting out, I’d recommend checking out the FollowerEntity movement script instead. It will for most situations perform better, and has fewer edge cases.

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Is the Follower Entity contained in the examples in the asset? I have the Pro version, but I don’t find such a script.
I only see PathFollower

It does not require the example scenes.
However, it is only available in version 5.0 of the package.