AIPath is stuck at a unwalkable node

Beta 4.3.79
I’m using local avoidance in my 2D hexagonal map game, have checked “constrain inside graph” in all my AIPath objects but somehow (maybe pushed by another AIPath) an AIPath is stuck at a border of an unwalkable node, I can see his destination is in another walkable node in Scene but he could not move anyway.
Is there any way to avoid or check this situation so that when it happens then do something to help him out, e.g change its position to the nearest walkable position


Do you have a video of this happening (preferably with the graph showing as well)?

Sorry I forgot to update it, in fact, the AIPath is not stuck at the unwalkable node, It is my mistake that I set a very high penalty to the unwalkable node and I will update the AIPath’s speed to penalty/initPenaltyOfGraph when he enters the gridNode, so that the AIPath’s maxSpeed is very low (about 0.00001f). after I changed the speed in the unwalkable node to 0.1f, the AIPath could walk out unwalkable node himself

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