AIPath ignoring collision


I have a grid with a few obstacles set up. I am having a strange issue where my character will start to go around the obstacles, but they cut the corners much too short and get stuck. Also, the radius does not seem to have an effect. I have made it small to comically large. I have tried everything from un-checking “cut corners” to lowering my “Pick Next Waypoint Distance” Not sure what to look into next.

I included a pic below to help explain.

Any help is appreciated!



It looks like your graph is very close to the obstacles. Note that each point on the graph is a point where the agent’s center is allowed to be. I would recommend that you lower your node size and/or increase the diameter/erosion settings.

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That was my problem…

I must have mis-read somewhere. I was under the belief that my character radius should NEVER go out of the blue grid. Pointing out that it was the agent’s center cleared a lot of things up.

Thank you so much!
Just want to add that I love the tool!

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