AIPath/AILerp on GridGraphs only reliable with 1 instance

After reading all the other questions in this forum I feel kind of dumb for asking this, but its been a very frustrating week. So here we go:

I got a simple capsule with the AIPath script (that is provided within the example) and a grid graph. I left basicly everything on default and it does work. NICE! However as soon as I add another capsule (copy it) one of them will ~95% of the time NOT move. One will move perfectly fine, the other will start with a stutter step and then stop. If I click “Scan” on the grid graph during runtime, the other one will start too. Adding even more instances will cause some of them to behave correctly and others, as described above. When I manually move one of the broken ones in the editor, they will start walking towards their target, too. I also noticed that ALL of them will move correctly when I disable “Height Testing” on the grid graph. I got no height in my game yet, but I still want this option. Also its not random which of the many caqpsules will NOT work. They are always the same.

Any ideas? :confused:

Hi I’m not sure why that would happen. Do you think you could show a video of this happening?
Does anything change if you enable multithreading?