AILERP: Hickups in movement - but only when moving right

Hi there. I have a problem with aiLerp. Somehow when I am moving right aiLerp stutters. Which doesnt happen (as much) when moving left. It has nothing to do with the animation or colliders. I already disabled everything.

Here is the behavior:

Here ailerp:

This is the code:

        private void MoveNodewise()
            var movementVector2 = new Vector2(_rewiredPlayer.GetAxis("MoveX"), _rewiredPlayer.GetAxis("MoveY"));

            if(movementVector2 == return;
            _currentNode = _movementAbility.GetCurrentNode();

            var nextNode = _currentNode?.GetNextNodeInDirection(movementVector2);
            if (nextNode is not null && nextNode.transform.position != _aiLerp.destination)
                _aiLerp.destination = nextNode.transform.position;

In the coordinates seem fine when I debug ailerp. I cannot explain that behavior.

Any path interpolation config doesnt help either.

The hickup animation is due to the velocity of ailerp increasing btw. I set the value to a float in the animation controller to switch between walking and running.

Has anyone any idea?


For a point graph, I would recommend that you change the Seeker → start and end point snapping to Closest On Node Edge (or node connection, I can’t remember exactly what it is called). Point nodes have no surface, so when the agent recalculates its path, it may not continue smoothly when using ClosestOnNodeSurface.

See StartEndModifier - A* Pathfinding Project

Hi, I already tried every Modifier but that didnt lead to the desired outcome. Can I somehome prohibit that the velocity changes when changing the destination?


But did you configure the Seeker like I mentioned in my post?