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AILerp and Point Graph


I use an AiLerp with a Point Graph and I have a strange behavior. As soon as the agent has reached the middle point, he teleports to the destination. I need AiLerp, because I build a 3D graph (for flying creatures)

The problem does not occur if I disable the automatic path calculation ( and force a calculation when the destination changes )



GIF 15.09.2022 18-07-10

Version 4.3.58 ( unity 2021.3.6 LTS )


Most likely, when your agent has moved a little bit, it recalculates its path and ends up closer to a completely different node. I would recommend setting Seeker → Start End Modifier → Start Point Snapping & End Point Snappinng to “Node Connection” to minimize this. But this is a downside of point graphs in general.

Thanks for the information, I have applied it and also created a custom PathModifier to correct the start / end point, and also to find a point to land, on the Recast graph.

It works well, I still have some optimizations in the 3D Graph generation to do. ( especially with the null PointNode )

3D Graph, 2048x2048 32000 nodes


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