AIDestination clarification

Hi, Ive read what I can find about AIDestination (the best being at: A* Pathfinding Project: AIDestinationSetter Class Reference).

So you can add this to the game object that is your player character to then set the player character to move to the selected target game object.

I was hoping I could create an open world with multiple object targets that the player character could select to move to, but it seems only one can be set within the AIDestination component on the player character.

Am I missing something?



How would the agent pick among those destinations?

Thanks for responding Aron. Im thinking I have misunderstood / read what I wanted to read what AIDestination does. I was thinking you’d add AIDestination to all the objects you wanted the character player with seeker and AIPathfinder to move to but I see in the examples now that you add AIDestination to the character and then set the target as an object you attach to the mouse.

So in answer to your question, I was hoping that in a scene for example, I’d have three objects. The user clicks object one and the character moves to object one and so on for each object. So thats clearly not how it works.

Next question if I may.

Im looking at example 6 as an example of actually clicking a location to instruct the character player to move to. Where do you set in the example to double click instead of just single click the location? I can’t find that anywhere.

Thank you


That is done in the TargetMover script.

Thank you. Its quite an amazing asset you have here. Im really looking forward to working with it as a core asset to my projects.

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