A* Pathfinding Project

AI trying to make path through non-traversible tag


Hi there,

I’m having an issue with my AI where is trying to make a path through a non-traversible tag, if I stand on an edge of the tag. It will try and move through the tagged area instead of finding its way around. I know the tag is working correctly generally, because when I don’t stand in the tag, the path will loop around to the left.

Here’s a gif of what I mean:


The green is the tagged area, that works as expected provided I’m not standing inside it. If I stand inside it, the AI tries to move through it.

Any help is appreciated!



What are your Seeker -> Start End Modifier settings?


Hi Aron,

Apologies for the delay! My Start End Modifier settings are:

Start Point Snapping: Closest On Node Surface
End Point Snapping: Closest On Node Surface
Add Points: False


Hmmm… That is strange. It’s not what I would have expected. I’m not sure what could cause that with those settings…