Ai path letting the object (the monster) walk trough obstacle in 2D game

hello just started working with unity and your pathfinding system but i ran into this problem that even though if i look at the line that is being drawn when using aipath the path clearly goes around the obstacles, the object still moves through the obstacles (they have boxcoliders and the right layer is selected) and after it is through the obstacle that it should have gone around it joins back up with that path (the green line thats being drawn) is there a way to fix this?(that it follows the path and not just goes through everything) i personnaly have no clue or did i just do something rly dumb? :stuck_out_tongue:

ai Lerp did work (no skipping of the path ) but i found aipath easier to customize with (diffrent directions for animations stuff like that dont rly know how to do that with ai lerp)

would be awesome if this could be fixed might just be overlooking it thx :smiley:

Maybe your pick next waypoint distance field is set too high.
Take a look at the get started tutorial for more info about this (the relevant part is somewhere in the middle):

awesome you’re a legend it works now you were right the distance was way to high :wink: will look into the tutorial thx mate