AI path does not recognize walkable ares

  • I am using unity 2019.4.20f1
  • I want to scan my prefab level.
  • My game is a mobile game .
  • I will Instantiate the level by Instantiating prefab.
  • My scan result was like that.

How can I fix this ?


Please explain more clearly what the issue is and what you want to achieve.
Have you read the get started tutorial?

I watched the tutorial.
My purpose is that

  • Blue inner area is the walkable area.
  • Enemy AI is walking in the blue area that is covered by orange walls.
  • Orange walls and green planes are not walkable areas.
  • Enemy ai will go to the targets.

Problem is when I make a scan. System creates a grid which is not relevant that i want. You can see it in screenshot.

It looks like your blue ground is below the base of the grid graph. Try moving it slightly up on the Y axis or alternatively move the graph down a bit.