Ai Path(2D,3D) Radius not working as intended

Hi, I’m new to this program.

Seems like the radius of the agent does not affect the path finding.
It moves right up past the edge of the collision box like it thinks it has a tiny radius.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

See image:

This is my pathfinder settings:


The radius on the AIPath agent is not used for pathfinding. It is primarily used for visualization as well as for local avoidance. For generating the graph, you can adjust the grid graph settings → collision testing → diameter setting, or the erosion iterations setting.

On a generated navmesh, it is valid for the character’s center to be anywhere where on the blue tiles, as shown in your screenshot.

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Thanks Aron!
So does that mean that there can only be one size of enemy?
Big and small enemies will have to track through the same path.

Or would I perhaps create a different Pathfinder for different sized enemies?


You can create multiple graphs. Take a look at this tutorial: Multiple agent types - A* Pathfinding Project

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Awesome thanks Aron!
Will look through those tuts. :slight_smile: