Ai moving through a window (or hole)?

How can I make a flying Ai move through a window or hole in the wall. Or have a regular biped Ai know to jump through a window. These might be two separate issues, but I assume the first answer would help me figure out the second. Thanks.

Check the recent thread on flying and octrees for flying ai example projects with flight pathfinding… As for regular ai, check out nodelinks. Also Polarith has some pretty great 3d sensors for flight and obstacle avoidance

Hey Christougher (cool name), this leads me to believe that a* pathfinding can’t accomplish this based on your other thread and mentioning the other asset, Polarith (which does look interesting)?

Edit: maybe i spoke too soon, possible the nodelinks and tags may be a solution

A*PP isn’t really for flying, unless by flying you just mean an ai with a y-axis offset. for truly 3d pathing you need more, such as an octree graph. Nodelinks should definitely be able to handle regular AI traversing through windows.

hah yes I do have my ai with a y-axis offset, and i wanted those to simply fly though a hole, but since the path gets everything from rays in the sky, its giving me trouble.


If your agent has a fixed y offset from the ground you could adjust the Grid Graph settings -> Collision Testing -> Offset field. See
You can use this to move the collision testing up from the ground a bit. I’m not sure if it will help you completely though.