A* Pathfinding Project

AI get stuck at the edge of gridgraph


Hi @aron_granberg

I’m using the gridgraph and have 8 monsters as AI with AIPath and RVOController.
Sometimes when the monsters gathered at the edge of walkable area, one of them will be out of the girdgraph even if I check the Constrain Inside Graph.
I thought maybe the RVOController makes the unluncky one be pushed outside the gridgraph by others. So I disabled rvo and test again. After testing for three times, a monster is outside the gridgraph again.
Then it seems like the one outside the graph wanna go to some node but it can’t. So it forth and back for a small distance like get stuck or jitter. When I move it in the scene, it’s out of control and moving like someone others is pulling or pushing it.
I really do not how to fix this. Could you please give me some advices?



Could you show a video of this happening?
Preferably including how your graph looks.


Hi @aron_granberg

Could you pleas tell me your email?
Then I can send a video to you.



You can post a link here or PM it to me on this forum.


I’ve PM it to you.