AI freaks out when crowded (ICE Creature Control)

So, not sure which developer to raise this question too, so I figure I would contact both.

I am currently using ICE Creature Control for my AI, and using AStar for the pathfinding.
ICE includes an AStar adapter, which I am also using.

I am also trying to use RVO as well, with some success.
The AI avoid intersecting one another, and run about quite smoothly, however, once a fair number of AI Units begin trying to move to the same general area, they start freaking out, and moving back and forth, and from side to side, some even run back the way they came:

Any clues or ideas on what might be causing this?
Could it be that the RVO senses a collision course, and tries to locate another route?


That looks like a movement script which does not really take into account that the agent may have moved between the point where the path calculation is started and when it is completed. The movement script will see that the start point of the path is behind it, and therefore turn back to move to the start point even when it really should not.
I am not sure what movement scripts ICE Creature Control uses.

The other option is that the Seeker -> Start End Modifier -> Start Point is set to SnapToNode or something which is not what you want on a recast graph (which it looks like you are using).

I doubt it is the RVO system that is causing this, you can try disabling it and see if the problem persists.

That was indeed the issue!
Thank you for clearing up the problem Aron. :slight_smile:

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