Agents randomly stop in middle of path in Dedicated Server platform

  • only happens on built version - its headless for my server
  • doesn’t happen the editor even if I simulate all the agents as the server

Did a lot of debugging and here are the results, might be helpful for you:

  • the server simulate all the agents and send info to the clients to run this simulation with him
  • using RichAI, the server manually sets the destination of the agent to a random point inside a box I set(I first get a point on the navmesh surface for the destination),
  • after the agent reaches the destination he goes to sleep for few seconds(doesn’t really matter for this problem)

so the problem is while the agent is moving toward his destination, he randomly stops for random amounts of time, his velocity2D is 0,0 for that duration, and he doesn’t move at all, he only moves on a empty terrain so he does not collider with anything else, also this problem happens randomly so I don’t know what is causing this.

I spent many hours debugging this, please help.

after many hours of debugging and checking everything in the system, the problem was that my server ran too fast… very funny… it ran on like 100K FPS so I limited it to 100fps and everything went great.
wasted 6-10 hours but yea, at least I fixed it.

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