Agents pushing each other into non-traversable tiles

So I have a pit that flying monsters can traverse. My land monsters cannot traverse this, but when I have a large pack, the land monsters push each other into the pit. I replaced the pit with wall (obstacle layer) and this does not happen. How can I prevent this from happening with non-traversable tiles?

Here’s screenshots of my settings and what’s happening:


There are a few different ways of dealing with this. The main one being to add the RVONavmesh component to the same game object as the RVOSimulator. However in the latest beta there is also another way. You can take a look at this documentation page (for the beta docs) and read the Keeping the agents on the navmesh section

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Thanks a lot, Aron. I’ll take a look at those docs tomorrow and let you know if I run into any issues.

I finally got around to this and found that I already had the RVONavmesh in the scene. This did not seem to work. I did however upgrade to the beta and checked constrainInsideGraph and this worked perfectly. Thank you!