Agents pathing through obstacles marked unpassable in A* graph

Hey, i just noticed my units are simply walking through the red, unpassable obstacles marked as such in A* graph. In other words, they are walking on nodes marked as unpassable, instead of correctly walking only on passable nodes.

In my screenshot, there are three large circle colliders and the grid has been scanned. I have activated a waypoint on the other side of the circle colliders, and the agent should avoid them, going around the obstacles. It seems like the pathfinding is trying a little bit to avoid at least one of the obstacles, but the path goes directly through another. What could be causing this behavior?

I have the full version of A*. I am using AILerp, Grid Graphs and so on.


It looks like you are using a SimpleSmooth modifier with too much smoothing. Try to reduce the smoothing iterations.

Thank you, it is indeed SimpleSmooth. I disabled the script and pathing is working correctly. Thank you.