Agent's Path recognizes Ramp, but Agent itself ignores it

Hi guys,
I’m having a touch of difficulty with movement up Ramps.

I’m using a Layered Grid Graph and have successfully used a pair of rotated Box Colliders in a ‘ground’ layer to create a Ramp the pathfinding seems to recognize with a sloping green line. However, the agent using an AIPath script just seems to travel under it, as if ignoring the y-axis.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but I haven’t had much luck narrowing it down. Here is a picture of the problem and the AI*/AIPath settings. I’d appreciate any help, and thanks for your time.

(Second post for second picture to get around newbie posting limits)


The agent will follow the path using Unity physics, so make sure the agent collides with the ramp. Possibly you will want to add a CharacterController to the agent instead of the Capsule Collider that you have right now.