Agents move away from target/path

Unity v2022.1.21f1/BIRP
Astar 4.2.18 (2022-11-08)

Generally AI is working as expected, but in some cases my AI will move in the opposite direction from it’s current target/path.

In the GIF it shows me manually dragging the AI closer to the target, the path looks correct and updates as I drag the agent, but when I let go it moves away from the target.
Agents are using RVOcontrollers and RichAI.
Manually toggling those components doesn’t fix it.

Link to GIF (Note it is about 2MB but I can’t upload it to this post, which says the max upload size is 16MB which I’m clearly under, are GIFs blocked maybe?)


Are you sure there are no other components attached to the same GameObject that could cause movement?