Agents "jumping" when passing through rigidbodies

I have layers that ignore each other in Project Settings - Physics - Layer Collision Matrix.
-Units only collide with Ground
-Weapons only collide with Ground
-Units and Weapons do not collide with each other.

Yet, agents (Units) oddly jump when passing through Weapons that occasionally lay on the Ground.

Im suspecting A* logic somehow interferes?

Im not using RVO and none of these objects have navmesh cut or something. Without weapons Units walk smoothly on that ground.

Weapons have Rigidbody and Units dont have it. Does A* include all rigidbodies or something?

A similar (the same?) happens to me, when units are or move on inclined terrain. I guess it has something to do with the ground-checks the agents do.


The agents their own layer mask for ground detection. Check the movement script. There should be a layer mask there too.


well, the video above is with the scanned graph from one layer “Ground” (Tag mask is empty):

Weapons do not belong to that layer, so IDK why units jump when passing through.
I do use navmesh cuts, but the are none in the place on the video.

@aron_granberg @Chris99

I solved my issue with setting gravity to custom on AIPath script on agents

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