Agents ignoring path connected using AddConnection

I’m trying to connect different static Navmesh graph, using GraphNode.AddConnection(node). It search correctly for the nearest nodes on the different meshes triangulation, and return true on both GraphNode.ContainsConnection(otherNode) (bi directional). However the agents ignore that connection, and even when checking on the scene with Show Connections ON, it doesn’t show the added connection, even after the code is returning true for those requested nodes.
How can I solve this?

I guess I’m answering my own question LOL. Originally I was using RecastGraph for the main scene, along with dynamically created Navmesh graph for moving platform, which when stopped they connected back to the main scene with Navmesh.Scan() and It worked flawlessly, however when trying it back on Nintendo Wii U, pathfinding was not working it was doing nothing, not a simple path was found for any agent (found out it was related to the dependencies not working on PowerPC) so that’s why I had to change the use of RecastGraph for Navmesh, quite simple with the tools provided as I only had export the .obj from the RecastGraph (change the -Z Forward on Blender and reimport back as Navmesh, ObjImporter class had some bugs on the import that I fixed) anyway in order for this to work correctly I had to remove the Navmesh.Scan() as it seems this was removing the new connections, and only keep the

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