Agents get stuck

Good afternoon, there is such a problem, agents seem to go crazy and cannot choose a path. This happens when the path is open, if you close it (I close the door with the Navmesh Cut component), then everything is fine.
I use it in conjunction with Behavior Designer if that matters.
Version A*: 4.3.61.
At the same time, agents do not get stuck on colliders or between other agents, since this also happens alone in a clean area.
Video: A* bug - YouTube

This only happens in enclosed spaces or areas where there is only one way out.


I’m not quite sure what could cause it, but do you think you could try with the latest beta to see if it has already been fixed?

Scripts disappeared from Inspector after update

@EVG to solve this, right click on A* PathFinding Project folder from Unity and choose “Reimport”, not “Reimport All”.

Updated to latest version but didn’t help.

I had issues installing the latest beta, I had to manually also install from unity registry: Entities, and add the script define symbol: MODULE_ENTITIES

Then the missing scripts showed up.