Agents are not taking shortest path?

Hey, just discovered this on one of my new maps I’m working on. The navmesh is just a big plane as water and some islands. For the sake of the video, I turned off the water and just made a gray plane to see where the water usually is.

You can see the first agent jump and land perfectly and keep going towards the next waypoint, which is up ahead, but then the others are like taking a super long way around when there is a straight shot in front of them.

Things like this have definitely happened before, but it’s not super consistent, but now this is very consistent so figured I would make a video and ask.


It looks like you are using an older version. Would it be possible for you to upgrade to version 5?

This part of the changelog might be of interest:

ok yeah I upgraded and now they don’t do that :slight_smile:

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