Agent stop moving when agents in total are more than 50

beta 4.3.79
agent’s movement controlled by AIPath with RVOController
At first, all agents are moving well. My game will generate more and more agent over time. a small part of the agents will stop moving when the agents in total are more than 50, which is 100% reproduction. not sure why and how to debug it.

  1. I checked the scene view that the agent shows a green line to the destination, which means the path is exist.
  2. no other agents are nearby.
  3. below is the AIPath, RVOControllera and Seeker.


Can you replicate this in any example scenes?

tried lots of ways finally I successfully replicated it, though the code’s readability is not very good.
And I find a new point: the agent who stopped moving will show two more lines below the Priority

I’ve sent you the package by email, plz use the unity 2022.3.9f1 and the manifest.json (only the url of A* Pathfinding Project needed to be modified) I sent in the email.
try this example (RVO 2D): just run it for about 5 to 10 minutes and the issue will appear, just checking the scene view is enough

The Hard Collisions in RVO Simulator may be the key point because I can not replicate this issue until I uncheck it


It seems to be an issue with the older RVODestinationCrowdedBehavior which is still used for the AIPath and RichAI components. I’m in the process of migrating these usages to the new and more robust system. I did a quick test and, I cannot replicate it using the new system. You can disable AIPath → Stop When Destination Is Crowded as a workaround until these new changes are released.

Cool, plz let me know when you release it

Is the more robust system included in the beta 4.3.83?

Only for the FollowerEntity component