Agent rotated 90 degrees if "NavMesh Graph" rotated 90 degrees

I have a problem with importing manually created navmesh.

  1. I create Cylinder-object in 3ds MAX.

  2. I export it as FBX. After that I remove all except top part, and export it as separate FBX for navmesh purposes.

  3. I’ve put “main” Cylinder-FBX inside scene.
    I’ve also create “NavMesh graph” inside “A*” and import there second FBX.
    Since after importing it’s rotated vertically (like in documentation example, after Blender import), I’ve manually changed rotation on “NavMesh Graph” X-axis to “-90” (or “270”).

  4. Unfortunately, when I press play, my agent rotated 90 degrees O_o

What am I doing wrong?

P.S. There is workaround to rotate mesh inside 3ds max “+90” degrees on X-axis, and after that “Reset XForm” in 3ds MAX. Which means - when fbx will be imported in Unity, it will be already rotated “0” degrees.
I just not sure what am I doing wrong, since I think I follow “Creating a navmesh manually” documentation article (


If the up direction of the world is +Y then you shouldn’t rotate the graph in the A* Inspector. That will make the movement script think another direction is up. Rotate the mesh in 3Ds Max so that it works properly. The tutorial was written for blender which works slightly differently from 3Ds max.

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Ok, got it. Thanks for response!