Agent Height vs Obstacle Height

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In Unity, there is an AgentHeight, which corresponds to NavAgent, and there is an Obstacle Height, which corresponds to the NavObstacle.

Are there equivalent types in AStar? As far as I can tell, the only thing with height is IAgent, and the only thing that inherits IAgent is RVO Agents.

Sorry for the dumb questions!


The recast graph has a field called ‘Character Height’ which is used to generate the navmesh.
The RVOController component has a field called ‘height’ which is analogous to Unity’s NavmeshAgent height. The height is only used for local avoidance purposes which is why it only exists on the RVOController (I’m pretty sure that’s the case in Unity’s system too, but I am not 100% sure). The NavmeshCut component, which is closest analogue to NavmeshObstacle in Unity’s system also has a ‘height’ field.

This is invaluable. Thanks for that info!

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I notice that there are update functions for the NavmeshCut.

Specifically, it seems like they are tuned to recarve if they move or update. Is it intended that cuts will move? If so, by what mechanism?


Yes, cuts may move and they will update the navmesh around them as they do. Take a look at the video on this page for example: Not sure what you mean by “by what mechanism”.