Agent cycling between 2 points on a longer path

Hey Aron,

I have an issue with an agent that seems to caught in a cycle of running between two points on a path. I’m using RichAI with an RVOController and a recast graph with navmesh cuts from obstacles.

There are some extra green lines being drawn under the agent that are my own debug info for some of my code and unrelated to the astar path thats drawn.

I’m using unity 2020.3.15f2 with version 4.3.46 beta of astar pathfinding project.

These are the settings I have on my agent:

I have the acceleration and rotate speeds set so high as I want agents that get to their max speed quickly and rotate fast. I have tried reducing the acceleration to lower values to see if that would resolve the issue and it didnt help. Any ideas what might be happening?

any assistance on this issue?


I can’t quite see what might be the problem here.

One thing I can see though is that you seem to have a recast graph tile size which is very low. I would recommend increasing it significantly (values around 64, 128 or 256 are usually good).