Agent can not move up a slope

I am making a GPS for a car game. The navigation can not
go up a bridge I have made. Originally I had a Graph for the island and the bridge but it was not connecting at all. Then I made the Island graph go across the bridge. The agent can go up the start of the bridge but then it can’t find a node as it gets to the top. Here are some photos. The red line is the path for my AI that is found. Any suggestions would be great.

After testing in build the agent is going up the bridge if I just use one graph. I cant seem to have it change graphs. If I just use one graph for the full scene the nodes become too small for some of the roads.


Adjacent grids do not automatically connect to each other.
I would strongly recommend that you use a single graph for the whole world.

If your grids become too large, I would recommend that you switch over to the recast graph, which can handle large worlds much better.

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Thanks, went from 8 graphs to two.

The problem I was having with recast graphs was that the terrain is set up to be part of the graph when you create the graph. After I changed the terrain bool to false it worked how I wanted.

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