After adding another GridGraph, inspector goes blank

I have a scene that contains an interior area with several landings and stairs, so I’ve used a combination of grid graphs and point graphs for pathfinding, linking their nodes together using the “Edit Links” button in the AStar plugin.

However, when I added my third GridGraph (to my existing two GridGraphs and two PointGraphs), the inspector displays a blank (not even a transform component is visible). I can see a brief flicker of it when I click onto my A* GameObject (which contains the AStar component), but it immediately disappears. All other GameObjects in the scene display their normal components.

Any ideas? I still have another GridGraph and a few PointGraphs to add and can’t access the inspector to do it.


That looks like a bug. Does the console say anything?
During development, such cases have mostly happened when the editor throws an exception.
If not, could you provide a reproducible case?

Unfortunately, there were no errors produced from the console and I was unable to reproduce this.

I should add that I was also changing some nodes from walkable to unwalkable state on the edge on an elevated surface with one side concave, the others square. Recreating the graphs, I had no issues the second time around.

Ok. Well, if you can reproduce the bug, I would be happy to know.