Aegon DunGen and RecastGraph

Hello and sorry for my bad English , i configure DunGen with the A* Pathfinding Project.

i use the Guide from Dungen ( )

2 Questions:

  1. when istart the scene the RecastGraph tooks so long to Generate over 177000 ms a how can i reduce the Generation time ?

  2. i use a seperate Loading Scene (
    AsyncOperation ao = SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(SCENE-WHERE-DUNGEN-GENERATE-WITH-RECASTGRAPH, LoadSceneMode.Single);
    how can i tell the Loading Scene that the RecastGraph is complete generated/ loadet ?

mfg :wink:


// i reduce it a little (the ms) but still 77000 ms and game crash


How quick a recast graph is to calculate depends primarily on the number of voxels in it (see the width and depth fields in the recast graph settings) which is controlled by the ‘cell size’ field. You can also try the latest beta which has slightly faster scanning times.

I am not quite sure I understand (2).

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Ah okay thanks i will try it :wink:

(2) Uhm how can i tell an other scene that the Graph is calculatet/generated


You can recalculate all graphs using;

Passing information between scenes can be done in the usual ways, see for example: