Adding custom point nodes in addition to grid graph?

I’m using the free version to do pathfinding in a platformer 2d game. So far the pathing was working fine using slightly tweaked Manhattan heuristic (except when it comes to drops or high ledges, but I was planning on tackling it later), but now I added stairs to the game, and need to teach the agents how to use them.

Green is where I want these nodes to be and how they should be connected. The stairs contain a script that turns off the collision between an object and a top stair flight depending on your direction, so it should work for the NPCs as well, as long as they travel in A-B-C or C-B-A direction.

I guess I can generate the nodes themselves as a new point graph in addition to the current grid graph, but how to specify how they should be connected, and will\can they be connected to the grid graph nodes around them?


You can add a new point graph, but you will have to connect them manually to all other nodes.

See for example