A-Star Gameobject has no size

I’m new to unity so sorry if this is a dumb question:

My A* Gameobject has no size. On every tutorial I have seen there was small area in the scene view which could be dragged to the right size but I only have the green and red line if I select it with the resize tool.
Happens in my project an the example scenes.


Are you using a render pipeline?
Does this work in an empty project if you import the package?

I played a bit with Lightweight but I already resetted it back to default (“None”).

The same “No-Size-Object” also happens on a new project even after I resetted every tab under “Project Settings”.

I testet it with Astar-Version: 4_2_15_671 and 4_2_8

The example-Scenes work fine (if I play it) it’s just my Scale tool is not working as in all the tutorials.

I had this same issue just now - I clicked on the “Gizmos” tool in the top bar of the Scene view and that seemed to fix it! I think I clicked it once to disable them all, then again to re-enable and that seems to have fixed whatever happened.

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Worked for me as well. Thank you very much.