A question of gridpath 'edge'

Hello Aron,long time no see.When I use grid path,I found the edge can go like this.But I use recast graph,the edge can not go.How can I let the grid path ‘edge can not go’,or the player will drop.
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The best way is to use the ‘erosion’ property on the grid graph. Set it to 1.

Hello,Aron,I have used ‘erosion’,but it cut my graph too much,how can I reduce it.All I need is just the edge cut.Is there any way to solve this question?
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A grid graph can only represent whole tiles, if you need a finer resolution you will need to reduce the size of your grid graph nodes.

Thank you.
And I want to ask if 4.2.15 pro can auto bake ‘offmeshlink’ like this?

And how can I connect two navemeshsurface like unity NavmeshComponent’s ‘NavmeshLink’?

I found “AnimationCurve” in an example,but it must go to the ‘startPos’ and then can go to the ‘endPos’,can it do similar function like “NavmeshLink”?


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NodeLink is what they’re called in A* there is a few variations, but the RecastExample2 has definitely the best example implementation.
There currently is not a build in way for automatically placing NodeLinks in levels. However there is an opensource tool that should do a decent job; Automatic nodelink placer tool

Hope that helps

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:grinning:Thank you.