A question and seek help

When I import the A*,unity repory an error as follow:
Identifier uniqueness violation: ‘Name:minebot_front_upperleg, Type:Mesh’. Multiple Objects with the same name/type are generated by this Importer. There is no guarantee that subsequent imports of this asset will properly re-link to these targets.
I create empty rename to “A*” and add component"pathfinder".In pathfinder,after add new graph with grid graph.there is no Grid apper in Scene.I could use the move Tool to change the position of A*,but I can find the boundary of the Aand can not use the Rect tool to change the boundary of A.
please give some suggestions to handle the issue.
thank you very much.


This has been fixed in the current beta version, but hasn’t yet made it to the main version. It’s nothing to worry about though.

Have you checked the get started videos on youtube? They might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QT5Czfe0YE&feature=emb_title

Thank you very much.your reply is very helpful.