A* Pathfinding project with mecanim animation

So I bought aron granberg a* pathfinding pro and integrated it with my project and it’s working perfectly. I’m using a navmesh (Graph Raycast) as the graph, and on my agents, I’m using AIPath script with the seeker of course and RVOController for local avoidance I have my own AI script that handles that sets the destination (Target) on the AIPath script, of course after some logic (~1000 lines of code but that’s beside the point).

My question is how could I animate my agents ie. Walk, idle. Before using aron granberg a* I was using unity’s build-in navmesh system and used this tutorial to animate the agents https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/nav-CouplingAnimationAndNavigation.html it was working but unity’s pathfinding system just sucks compared to aron granberg’s so I did everything now, the agents in the game moves, just not animated.

I tried to search a about it but couldn’t find a solution. I came across this post and saw aron’s post saying that I could use the same tutorial above but I couldn’t figure it out. Can someone help please?



Currently there is no example scene which shows how to configure it with Mecanim.
The good news however is that I have been working on creating one over the last few days. I’m also collaborating with the author of the Third Person Controller package on the Asset Store to make sure our packages integrate nicely.
I have a work in progress video here: http://arongranberg.com/temp/mecanim_controller_alpha.mp4

So… sorry, but there is no example scene at the moment, but hopefully there will be one soon.


I was wondering if there’s been any update on this, it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.

Hi, any news about the new example scene with Mecanim @aron_granberg ? It’s been quite while. :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for respond.

Ootii’s third person motion controller handles this really well for me. In fact it’s pretty easy to switch between unity’s navmesh or a* to test it.


Please can you enlighten me how to hook up ooti’s Motion Controller?

For me, I didn’t do anything different for Ooti’s controller. Follow the tutorial for NPCs & movement, and its the same (only difference is you use AI Path instead of Nav Mesh Agent.

I agree though, the A* asset has been out for so long but there hasn’t been any good Mecanim based examples provided.

Sorry for taking a while to get back. Hopefully you were able to figure it out. Tim from Ootii has a series of 4 setup videos for NPCs. I believe the second in the series is the one that worked for me. The first video had 7 different setups but ultimately the second video had what worked for me. It allowed me to control destination/movement with A* and Behavior Designer (integration at the Ootii website vault @ http://www.ootii.com/UnityMotionVault.cshtml ) or Node Canvas if you prefer. Ootii’s motion controller, when properly setup takes movement info and handles the animations. Ingenius really. For me A* + Behavior Designer + Motion Controller works pretty amazing.

After 5 years is there a solution?