A* Path finding with Behavior Design Movement


I am using A* path finding with behavior designer Plugin.

Does A* path will be updated when obstacles are added dynamically ?

If it is possible then please guide me and as my game is based on 2D i will be using this script.



I am not sure if you mean that the graph will be updated or the path. The paths are (for most movement scripts) recalculated regularly, so they should pick up on any updates to the graph.
To update the graph you will have to use either a script like DynamicGridObstacle (see example scene number 2) or call a method described here.

Ok. DynamicGridObstacle script will be attached to single object in the scene ? I found it will be attached to every obstacle which are going to destroy.

You can take a look at example scene 2 (called ‘Terrain’ I believe). It has 2 dynamic obstacles that you can look at to see how they work.