A few quick updates to the RVOController~

After using the RVOController for a few days, I got a 2 things to add~

#1 Locked when not moving, so that you can do things like block choke points and such~
*Bonus points if you can have a locked “mask” so that it will move for friendly units but not hostile units!!

#2 Togglable Raycast Down !!! BLARG


Sure, I can add that.
Hm… masking… Might actually be something that I can do.
So I guess each agent would have a mask which said which agents it should avoid. Might be possible. I will see what I can do.

PS: I see you have been very active on the forum. I really appreciate it : )

No problem Aron!! I have been really impressed with A* and am happy to help!!

Ever thought of porting it to UDK when Unreal 4 comes around? It seems like it could be pretty easy to “Uncouple” A* pathfinding so that it could be used with any game engine or project ~

The only issues I could see is having collides and ray casting to be part of A* ~ Sense Decoupling would require A* being all inclusive :slight_smile:

That being said~ Grid and Navmesh graphs would be the only ones I could see working Decoupled… Unless you got really creative


Does UDK even use C#? I thought it used C++ (or UnrealScript (ugh) ) for most things.
I have actually had it running outside of Unity before. I think I had some version 3.0.x working outside Unity, to be used on a Photon Server. Mostly it is commenting out all the gizmo stuff and writing custom implementations of things like Vector3.

But then, since UDK has C++ as an option, it’s almost a shame not to implement pathfinding which is really processor intensive, in C++. I wonder how many would be interested in a C# solution when there are very good C++ solutions out there. For example Recast + Detour, an open source library, the Recast graphs in the project are based on that library, also the unity pathfinding is a modified version of that library.