A* "chunks" and Grid load distance

Hey there,
would it work to create Grid Maps for lets say 16x128x16 as “Chunks” and just save and load them like minecraft does with chunks?
than you would have something like a render distance of 4 and a grid load distance of 2. it would only load the once closest to the unit? that would load 9x9 chunks and map 5x5 grip maps.
how stable would this be?

I am using GridGraphs
I am trying to generate my Chunks and after generating them i want them to be scanned and saved into file. and load additivly if my player is close enough and unload once too far away.

i try setting the size of the single Gridgraphs to the chunk size and move the grid position to the middle of the chunk than scan, save and than move again. the move logic is already implemented by having the worldposition of the proceduraly generating chunks.
but i cant figure out how to implement the GridGraph saving and loading part


This is not possible out of the box. However, you may be interested in the ProceduralGridMover component, which will keep a grid graph scanned around e.g. the player.

See ProceduralGridMover - A* Pathfinding Project