A* and the job system

We started using the A* Pathfinding Project for our Tower Defense game and due to our game having a lot of enemies that have to be moved, we noticed a big decrease in framerate.

We are thinking about buying the Pro version. Our question is: What is built-in with the job system?

Is it just the scanning of the graph or also calculating of paths and/or the AIBase Script that seems to be moving the enemies? The other two give our framerate a huge decrease which would probably be a lot better if done in multiple tasks.


Thank you for showing interest in the package, Aron is currently away but will be back soon to give you a better answer.

However he did recently show a beta version using the Burst compiler and RVO, you can read his post here: RTS game pathfinding

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Sorry for the late answer. I am currently traveling and I lost my laptop on a flight, so I haven’t been able to work for a while.

It’s hard to say what is causing the slowdown in your game. You can use the profiler to pinpoint what it is.

In the pro version there is currently a beta (not very stable at the moment) which uses the job system/burst compiler for grid graph scanning and rvo (local avoidance). Both are significantly faster than in the current stable versions.

Also take a look at this page, some of it may be relevant to you: https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/optimization.html