5.0 Agent Neighbours

I am trying to access Agent neighbours found during the RVOCoreSimulatorBurst.UpdateInternal() JobRVOCalculateNeighbours. It seems to be stored in temporaryAgentData. Is there any reason why this is temporary, and is there a way to get access to those neighbor calculations?

Also I would like to run my own Burst jobs after each SimulatorBurst update based on the calculated agent (read only) values in simulationData, quadtree, and temporaryAgentData. Do you have any best practices on how to schedule the jobs and access the calculated values in a way that will be maintained in future versions?


You cannot access that temporary data directly, but you can run your own queries using the quadtree.

var simulator = RVOSimulator.active.GetSimulator();
// Schedule your own job that uses the quadtree
var jobHandle = new MyJob {
    quadtree = simulator.quadtree,
// Ensure no jobs are started which could overwrite the quadtree