(4.3.85) Question on some deprecated variables

Hello, Love the update so far, im so glad webGL works again!

Before i had this to do some connection modifications in a job:

                RemoveConnJob job = new RemoveConnJob
                    bounds = context.data.bounds,
                    layeredDataLayout = context.data.layeredDataLayout,
  1. For the bounds, would i use the new context.data.heightHitsBounds or context.graph.bounds or something else?

  2. for the layeredDataLayout, what would be used in its place?

Sorry, I forgot to add compatibility properties for those.

  1. Unless you are iterating through the height hits, you should use context.data.nodes.bounds.
  2. Use context.data.nodes.layeredDataLayout.

I may simplify this in the future, as it is getting somewhat ridiculous to have so deeply nested structs.

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