4.3.85: Navmesh Offset

Hello Aron,

the Navmesh in the newest version has some strange offset whenever I load a new scene… that can only be fixed by manually hitting the “scan” button … see the video:

Hint: each time I am entering a new room, I load a new scene, adding all the scenes’ game objects to a cache game object … so I can then enter rooms by just enabling and disabling specific cached game objects.

But that seems to not be the problem - in the video you can see that the navmesh offset occurs both when loading a new scene - but also when re-enabling an already loaded gameobject “scene” hierarchy.



Do you think you could try with 4.3.86?

Hey Aron,

tried it, and unfortunately it didn’t change anything :grimacing:



I’ve managed to replicate this. I’ll include a fix in the next beta.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can scan the graph twice.

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The new beta has been released now.

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Hey Aron :slight_smile:

the new version 4.3.87 fixes this issue here… however, these two still remain:

Sorry for that :face_with_peeking_eye:
Say something if I can help :slight_smile: