[4.1 BETA][SOLVED]Set Grid graph to Isometric don't match ( pictures includes)


I try to setup your plugin with my project to see if it can match with my need and go forward ( buy it for resume ^^)
But I fail to setup grid for match with my isometric tool. I use IsoTools plugin.
My tiles are 0.58 X 0.30 and my isometric angle is 45.
You can see settings I try with pictures.

Also my isometric world is a turn square cut for obtain a rectangle
Can I cut the grid or tell to invalide nodes that they are not walkable without code?




I think you need to rotate the graph 45° (or -45°) along the Z axis.

Thks for quick answer.

Rotate in gridgraph on Y and Z always rotate the Y axe. Bug ?

Ah. No it’s not a bug, it’s just an annoying feature of how rotations using euler angles work. It’s called gimbal lock.
You can get the rotation you want by entering (±45, 90, -90).

ok, works ! :slight_smile: Solved