3D Space Game - can i use this


I have a 3D space combat game which current has my own version of a pathfinding code base. I’m looking to buy a more polished pathfinding solution. However i can’t find a definite answer to if this this solution will work well on a 3d plane.

If it does, then consider it me hooked :slight_smile:

Define 3D space.
3D planes as in a plane that is tilted or rotated: yes it works on that. But maybe that was not what you meant.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I talking about 3d space like in eve online. Currently I use raycasting to detect distance obstacles and then adjust the ships trajectory around the obstacle, from what i gather i would be better of using Boids instead.

Does that clear things up a bit? sorry if it doesn’t English isn’t my primary language.

Using pathfinding in that kind of large scale 3D space would be VERY resource intensive. I have created a 3D pathfinding script a few years ago, but it could only be used in small volumes due to the large memory consumption. Boids or other kinds of local avoidance are much better for this.