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3D Grid Pathfinding with a Dynamic Graph


I’m currently evaluating this asset for a project of mine using the free version. I’ve already looked through the forums and found a few threads regarding this topic, but I couldn’t exactly determine if the answers would help in my case.

The project will contain a world that is procedurally generated and can become quite large, f.e. 512x512 tile objects, although with some form of culling as players will not be able to see the entire world at once. The clue is that there will also be heights and not every tile is traversable from the get-go, the player will be capable of for example placing a ramp and enabling their character to walk onto another height level.


My current testing setup looks like the above. Right now I’m simply experimenting with the grid graph to get the ball to move up the ramp to the square, without much success. Next, I’ll try using the point graph, but I’m not sure how that one would perform in a dynamic context, i.e. suddenly placing a bridge that makes water traversable. As far as I’ve read either the point graph or the layered grid graph should be capable of handling my requirements, though I’m not sure if these graph types would be the optimal solution for my case?


Have you read Graph Updates during Runtime - A* Pathfinding Project? The grid graph should cover your needs, unless you need things like bridges.