2D Tilemap Collider - Not Working


I have a tilemap collider but I can’t get the tags to work.

I have tried every combination of tilemap settings. Composite (with polygon collider), individual, etc. It seems to end up with just the bounds of the tilemap collider and not the colliders themselves. Along with this, I have tried every combination of GraphUpdateScene settings.

Polygon collider, box collider, circle collider, etc. all work correctly and allow me to assign tags.

Tilemap collider example


A box collider attached to the tilemap works fine.

Box collider working with the tag

As a workaround of sorts, I added a square game object with a box collider to each road tile and it worked. However, as the size of the map grows, I’m not sure how well this will work. Last thing I would want is 30,000 extra objects for a path as a workaround.


Any thoughts on how to get the tilemap collider working correctly or what I’m doing wrong?

hello did you find any solution for that ?

i have the same issue.