2D RigidBody Issue

I have set up the A* project and it seems to work okay except the rigidbody component of my enemies keeps getting stuck against collision rigidbodies.
Also, the path it has chosen seems to think the rididbody can squeeze through when it cannot. What am I missing here? I’ve followed the 2D tutorial. Thanks!

Here it an example with smaller nodes

The path is being generated from the center of the radius circle. There’s an option on the pathfinding component to add extra width to the edges to compensate

These are the steps in the pathfinding component where you also generate your grid:

  • A use 2D physics check that needs to be checked.
  • A collision testing check that needs to be checked.
  • A collider type that needs to be set to anything different than point.
  • Play around with the diameter to set the offset from the walls, it’s a bit playing around to get the right settings so make sure you rescan the grid everytime you make an adjustment to see it.
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