A* Pathfinding Project

2d Point and Click - A* AILERP


Hey Everyone.
I´m a Beginner using A* and Unity as well (worked on 10 tutorials so far).
I´m starting to create a MVP of a 2D Point and Click Game.

I created a Script for the Player, when the user clicks on screen (LeftmouseButton), it creates a Cursor Gizmo on screen.

I tried using A* in different ways with no success. The only way I made it work was like this:

Player has Seeker, AI LERP and AI Destination.

The AI Destination is setup to follow the Cursor Gizmo on Screen when created.

This Works now. Is this a correct way to be using the A* project or is there a better way to achieve this?

Any tutorial around customizing Movement of AILERP? (I have no control other than Speed)

Thanks for this amazing Project!


The AISetDestination script is a convenience script. Typically when you want something more complex you will set the ai.destination property instead.
See https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/ailerp.html for more info
See also https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/movementscripts.html