2D Platformer with Ferr2D


I would like to use the Pathfinind project for a 2D Platformer I am currently working on. For my level creation, I use Ferr2d. Ferr2d creates Colliders for it’s meshes,but only at runtime. This means, that the Pathfinder won’t be able to scan for the graph. Is there a way to do this at runtime aswell? Also, what would be a good approach on using the Pathfinder with a platformer? How do I constrain the graph to only be able to walk on the top of the platforms? Also, how do I tell the Pathfinder, that two platforms are connected? So that the AI might be able to climb a ladder or jump over a gap?


The graph can be scanned during runtime using
AstarPath.active.Scan ();

A platformer is not the easiest thing to create using the system right now. I am aiming to improve that in the future (I am working on some new example scenes and controllers for platformers, but it might take a while to complete).

You can take a look at this tutorial (it is a bit old, but it could still give you some hints): http://www.rocket5studios.com/tutorials/make-a-2d-game-with-unity3d-using-only-free-tools-beginning-enemy-ai-with-a-pathfinding/

Hi Aron,

good to know that you are working on. In the tutorial you linked, it only creates pathable nodes right above the platforms. I wonder how that can be done? If I pull in a grid graph to my platforming scene, it marks everything as pathable, that is not a platform

Well, I assume they say in the tutorial.
I haven’t read the tutorial in a long while so I cannot remember exactly how they do it.

You could also try to use a point graph and place a node above each platform (regularly spaced).

Would the free version of A* Pathfinding project work with Ferr2D or is it pro only?

There is no integration between the A* Pathfinding Project and Ferr2D. But if you just use a grid graph or a point graph it should work with the free version.

Hi, is there any chance platformers are now supported by this package ?

Thanks a lot


Sorry. Platformers are still not a use case this package focuses on.

Interesting thread. I am looking for guidance around the same thing. I have it sort of working and will report back with any insights.

To anyone else, I would be interested in hearing your findings as well.